These screens represent an earlier iteration of the E Source website. I provided creative direction on the re-design as we were upgrading the Drupal CMS from v5 to v7. The new site was a success and we received positive feedback from our membership.
As Design Team Manager, I provided ongoing creative direction for the site which spanned UI/UX, information architecture, faceted search, branding, taxonomy and visual and interaction design.​​​​​​​ I participated in QA testing when we added new features or functionality.
The Member Portal page was a collection of customizable functionality for our paid subscribers. From here, they could: save articles, manage newsletter subscriptions, manage alerts and view the research reports that were the most recently published in their subscription. It also showed which events were upcoming, as well as their recently viewed reports / pages.
I helped define and develop the taxonomy that was used for a faceted search engine results page. This had a lot of complexity including allowing the user to toggle between the content that their subscription provided vs everything. You could also favorite a result that would then show in your saved articles on the portal page. Favoriting was also embedded on individual report pages.
When we launched the new site, I took lead on a project to implement a site tour functionality which stepped the user through what was new in the re-design. It was powered by a jQuery plugin called JoyRide and was cookie based so that the user would only see it the first time they visited the new site. The individual steps of the tour would automatically scroll the page and highlight whichever feature or function we were explaining.